Are you clever? Do you like to solve problems? Are you ready for an exhilarating challenge? Then you’ll love our escape room experiences!

Your group will be transported to a different world when you step inside the escape room. The fully themed experience will immerse you in the storyline as you get briefed on your objective.

Explore the room to find clues, crack codes, and solve puzzles in order to complete the objective and “escape” from the room.

Be sure to watch the clock, because your time is limited! The better you can communicate and work together, the faster you can complete your objective.

Escape Room Options

Zombie Research Lab — Find the Cure!

Alone and cut off from the outside, you and your team are now the only hope in finding a cure to the deadly Zombyte virus. As the virus turns cybernetically enhanced humans into hideous creatures, you’ll need to be quick and keep your wits as a horde of Zombyte infected creatures close in on your lab to seal your doom.

Try to save the world before zombies overrun your research lab in our challenging 30-minute escape room called Zombie Research Lab!

Mayday — A Submarine Adventure!

A fun, exotic submarine cruise turns into a nightmare as you and your fellow passengers become trapped. The clock is ticking, as ice-cold sea water begins to overtake the ship. Work with your crew to seal all the watertight doors before your vessel is claimed by the depths of the sea, forever.

Dive into our challenging 30-minute escape experience called Mayday and seal all of the doors before you sink to the depths of the ocean!

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