Milkshake Bar

Crave Signature Shakes

Choose from one of our signature shakes or create your own shake with your choice of ice cream flavor for $4.99.

  • Bubblegum Garden Milkshake

    Bubblegum Garden Milkshake

    Super rainbow and strawberry ice cream, pomegranate and cotton candy shots, bubble gum toppings. $5.99

  • Cocoa Cliffs Milkshake

    Cocoa Cliffs

    Chocolate ice cream, chocolate shot, cocoa puff toppings. $5.99

  • Ice Cream Canyon Milkshake

    Ice Cream Canyon

    Vanilla and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, dulce de leche shot, caramel chips and chocolate syrup topping. $5.99

  • Jelly Bean Jungle Milkshake

    Jelly Bean Jungle

    Vanilla and super rainbow ice cream, orange, raspberry and pomegranate shots, jelly bean toppings. $5.99

  • Rock Candy Mountain Milkshake

    Rock Candy Mountain

    Vanilla ice cream, cherry, orange, raspberry and grape shots. $5.99

  • Sugar Safari Milkshake

    Sugar Safari

    Vanilla and super rainbow ice cream, toasted marshmallow and pomegranate shots, animal cracker toppings. $5.99

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