Alicia D. - Google Review

“We came back for a second day in a row to do the indoor golf course. Staff was courteous and helpful. Bright & fun environment. We also did the mini bowling which was surprisingly fun!”

Jessica L. - Google Review

“Harder course than I thought it would be. The spin zones are a very cool twist to the game. Definitely recommend playing with them if you go.”

Candice G. - Google Review

“Our girls loved the candy land theme of the golf courses & the selection of candy in the lobby area. They also have bowling and apparently an escape room, but we didn’t have time for anything other than the indoor/outdoor golfing. Highly recommend visiting if you live nearby or are a visitor on vacation :)”

Anee M. - Google Review

“Nice golf place! Loved it, must visit this place if you are in Pigeon Forge :)”

James D. - Google Review

“SO much fun was had by my family and myself here! We did the indoor and outdoor course and enjoyed that it was open so late, then ending with the kids filling their bags of candy made it a fun exciting family night!”

Tiffany A. - Google Review

“They provide a fun overall experience, with mini golf courses inside, outside, and even on the roof of the building…plus two escape rooms, a mini bowling alley, and a classic candy shop look, and feel. I would certainly recommend it, especially if you have kids.”

Anthony A. - Google Review

“Outdoor and indoor putt putt.. fun for kids and adults.. we really enjoyed it”

Nick M. - Google Review

“I heard about this course on an internet Top 10 list. I drove two hours to check it out. As soon as you walk up, the doors are open and there are scents of candy wafting outside. Nice. We decided to play both courses (one inside, one outside).”

Domeneque G. - Google Review

We did the outside first, which is the more difficult. The greens were super nice and the place was clean. It had awesome outside features/decorations and I really liked the different “lands/themes”. The spinners were q nice touch for the folks that like an extra challenge.

The inside course was definitely cooler, temperature wise. The features were just as good as the outside course and the spinners were fun for each hole. It was also very clean and well maintained.

Highlights for us were the very clean course, the excellent greens (which are also extremely fast!!), the various candy themes, and the difficulty of the courses. There are lots of subtle touches that make the course more challenging than others. For the connoisseur, these little touches make the course. Small bumps, hardly noticeable, midcourse make your ball kick unexpectedly. We’re definitely looking forward to coming back.

Leslie W. - Google Review

“This place was so fun – you could probably spend the whole day here, especially if you have kids. We are big kids at heart so we definitely loved it. If you like breakout rooms and/or mini bowling, go with the packages. You get more bang for your buck. We played 2 rounds of putt putt and wished we had also gotten a breakout room. They paid close attention to detail when designing the space…even the air vents say “chocolate” and are painted brown so the indoor space feels fully emerged in the candy theme. The outdoor course pumps out cotton candy scent while you play, which was a fun touch too. It’s a nice option to have an indoor and outdoor course too for rainy or freezing days. Overall, was fun and challenging for our group of adults. As a kid I probably would have freaked out and asked my parents to take me every day.”

Heather A. - Facebook Review

very fun experience. really enjoyed everything. did both escape rooms both golf courses and the bowling.

Bethany C. - Facebook Review

“Fun place for mini golf lots of variety!! It smells like cotton candy too!”

Madison C. - Facebook Review

the best mini golf my husband and I have ever been to!! p.s. we have been to alot!!!

Kimberly W. - Facebook Review

Great indoor mini golf course! Good family fun with plenty of candy options for the kids!

Dustin C. - Facebook Review

“First Time taking my grandbabies! indoor and outdoor putt putt and bowling for the kids and the staff was so nice cool place
Thank You all for being so nice..”

Randy G. - Facebook Review

Had A Great Time. I would highly recommend the Crave Golf Club to anyone that is looking for good family fun.

Susan V. - Facebook Review

Great mini golf, very challenging in a good way. Very nicely designed and fun activity for the family!

Christine W. - Facebook Review

Clean family fun. Very interesting and unique course. Came last year for the first time and had to return this year.

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