Rules & Regulations

Keep it Tasty

The more the merrier! Up to 6 people in a group is sweet!

Take your best shots – and make ‘em count! Players may take up to 6 strokes per hole.

Ball out of bounds or in a trap? Replace at the point of exit with a 1 stroke penalty.

Ball stuck against rail or obstacle? No sweat. Move it one clubhead length and swing on!

Take turns: Each player takes their first shot before any player takes a second shot. Then, ball nearest to the hole putts first.

Don’t skip ahead! Play each hole in turn so you don’t miss any surprises!

Keep it civil: Do not swing putter above the knee. An adult should instruct children in proper club use.

You booze you lose: No alcoholic beverages allowed on premises.

Swingin’ in the rain? Rain checks are available due to inclement weather. (Sorry, no cash refunds.)

Watch your step: This course includes uneven terrain which may increase the risk of injury from a fall. Please pay attention, watch your step, refrain from horseplay; and most of all have fun and enjoy yourself!

Play CRAVE STYLE! Spin the disk at the Spin Zone and follow the directions. You might even win a prize! (Take note! Only 1 free game per person per day, and you can’t win a free game during a free game.)

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