Outdoor Mini-Golf

Take to the roof and enjoy 19 holes of pure candy-coated fun! Wheelchair access is available.

Crave Golf Club - Indoor Course
Indoor Mini-Golf

Navigate your way through this 19-hole climate controlled course any time of the year!

NEW Escape Room

You and your fellow passengers are trapped on the bridge of a sinking submarine! Work together to seal the ship before the entire sub is claimed by the freezing ocean.

NEW Escape Room

The clock is ticking as the Zombyte virus infects cybernetically enhanced humans, creating horde of hideous creatures. It’s up to you and your team to stop the virus before the herd of Zombytes reach you.

Crave Golf Club - Indoor Mini-Bowling

Perfect for little hands and a challenge for adults, the mini-bowling area is sure to add some additional fun to your visit!

Sweet Shop

As soon as you step into Crave, you will hit the sweet smell of candy and get a view of our candy wall and bulk candy stations.

Try a Cone or Cup of Soft Serve

Perfect for the ice cream fanatic! Choose a cup or cone and build a creation to enjoy.

Check Out Our Friends

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